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Mary-Ann Prack "Split Personality", dtd 2003
  • Mary-Ann Prack "Split Personality", dtd 2003

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    Mary-Ann Prack was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and is a third generation member of an architectural engineering family. Prack began her formal fine art education at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, continued at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Florida Atlantic University, where she studied both fine art and interior design. By 1986, Mary-Ann was able to transition from her interior design work into creating art on a full time basis. For over 35 years Mary-Ann has worked with clay, creating sculpture that is distinctive, precise, and with geometric purity of surface and form. Mary-Ann’s home, studio and sculpture garden are located in the mountain community of Jefferson, North Carolina.


    "I was drawn to clay as a sculpture medium for many reasons, from childhood memories of modeling for my mother as she sculpted me in clay, to the discovery of its unlimited potential for creative expression and to the fulfillment that comes with having complete control over every stage of the artistic process. My colorful, multi-layered, abstract paintings are constructed with layers of color and amorphous shapes that move in a free form style. As you look closely, images reminiscent of humans, animals, unusual life forms and habitats appear. A wonderland of sorts with boundaries; in the form of hard-edge line and bold geometric blocks of color, giving order and harmony to the experience. My sculptures and paintings share common qualities; physically in the architectural influences of my past and emotionally in their shared strength, depth and energy, profoundly affecting most who experience them."

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        Mary-Ann Prack





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        20th Century




        Very good

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