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Large Silas Seandel "Sunspots" Wall Sculpture, Signed
  • Large Silas Seandel "Sunspots" Wall Sculpture, Signed

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    Silas Seandel was born in New York City, August 11, 1937. He studied sculpture and economics at the University of Pennsylvania and was graduated in 1959. He opened his studio in 1963.


    While Mr. Seandel was working on a collection for a one man show, he was commissioned by an architect to create a wall sculpture for a building under construction. Mr. Seandel has been working almost exclusively for architects, interior designers and engineers ever since. His pieces are all handmade in the Silas Seandel studio and executed in solid metals such as brass, bronze, steel, copper, etc. These are no enamels, no veneers, nothing unnatural. All colors are the results of acids and heat treatments which Mr. Seandel has developed.


    As far as craftsmanship is concerned, Sherman Emery, past Editor of Interior Design Magazine said it best. "I have been a long-time admirer of the work of Silas Seandel and consider him to be one of the finest artist-craftsman on the American scene today.


    The scope of his work is wide, ranging from small pieces of sculpture for the home to huge outdoor pieces, such as the one which was installed in the state of Florida. A huge 38.5 foot high, 46 ton, bronze and stainless steel figure of a man supporting the world.


    He was also one of the first artists to introduce traditional sculpture techniques into the field of furniture, and his handsome tables are frequently seen in outstanding residential interiors."

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        Silas Seandel





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      • PERIOD

        20th Century


        Brass, steel, copper, bronze


        Vewry good

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